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the of lipper snappers if you hang on his every word he influenced reagan did you do not even care about that. and we also always agree. it's like my whole support for chris christie was like running off with a biker. >> he is carrying on. [inaudible conversations] [laughter] figure for coming. good to see you. >> hello. >> a gave me the communist manifesto i gave him your book. >> another one demonic? 17? he did get through "50 shades of grey". [laughter] i am working on him. >> my name is randall. this is a fun book. i think it is more personal to have the first name. >> i agree. we are all friends. they give. come to the dark side. [laughter] thank you. >> what a pleasure. i am john breaux we came from new york. >> thank you. thank you. bless you. you married a good woman. >> angela could not be here because she is opening her shop. >> i hope we repeal obamacare for her. >> you married into the family. >> that only had to correct the the history of five years but this corrects the history of 200 years of liberal rewrite. >> what a pleasure. >> thank you it so much. hello. >> [inaudible] >>
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1